Planning your journey

  • How do we start planning an Educational Journey for my students?

    Taking a Group on an educational trip is an exciting time for both the students, and you as the Teacher. Once you have made the decision to complement traditional learning practices with experiential learning, Educational Journeys are committed to making the planning process hassle-free and enjoyable for everyone. The first step is to contact us, and we will be in touch to provide you with our Educational Journeys ‘Step-By Step Guide: How to plan and organise your next educational program’ and start the planning process.

  • When should we start planning?

    When travelling in a large group, it is never too early to start planning! To ensure the Group enjoys a seamless travel experience, and have completed all relevant preparatory reading, Educational Journeys suggest commencing your partnership arrangement with us at least 10-12 months in advance of your departure date.

  • Is there a minimum group size?

    Yes – there is a minimum of 10 group members for all bookings at Educational Journeys.

  • What standard of accommodation will be booked?

    Part of our service at Educational Journeys is to provide a completely customisable trip to suit the educational objectives of the Group. For example, you may like to explore cultural experience accommodations such as Ryokans in Japan, or Stilt Houses in Vietnam. For all other accommodation, Educational Journeys will book suitable 3-star accommodation, all of which are centrally located and have been carefully audited by our ground operators.

  • What type of rooms will the students and teachers stay in?

    Comfort away from home is one of our top priorities for the Group. We ensure that all students have their own single bed and are placed in multi-share rooms with other students. We have found this allows the students to connect over their experiences throughout the day and share their most memorable activities amongst one another.

    Teachers of the same gender will be allocated a twin share room. However, if required we can also arrange single rooms.

    If a Group requires special access, please include this on your enquiry form and the team at Educational Journeys will do their best to find suitable options.

  • Are meals included throughout the journey?

    Yes – at Educational Journeys, all accommodation bookings include breakfast. Not only is this a common inclusion but it also provides a fantastic opportunity for the Group to discuss the day ahead. Lunch and dinner options can also be included if necessary. Our planning process allows for both flexibility and structure depending on the type of journey you take.

  • Are special dietary requirements catered for?

    Educational Journeys will always endeavour to cater for all medical dietary requirements however we cannot guarantee that all airlines, hotels and restaurants will provide an environment or meals free of specific allergens.

    For those Groups with concerns of anaphylaxis or severe food allergies, we recommend appropriate medical precaution is taken. We always strongly advise seeking medical input on how best to manage severe allergies (of any kind) and provide a ‘Medical Plan’ to Educational Journeys before departing.

  • Does the Group need Travel Insurance?

    Travel Insurance is compulsory for the duration of the entire program and must be in place prior to the final payment being made for the trip to ensure appropriate compliance and protection whilst away. Educational Journeys always recommends that the entire travelling Group are insured under the one policy and can help the group find the best policy to suit their needs through our preferred Insurance partner. Alternatively, you may also prefer to take out a policy via a School-mandated provider as well.

  • Are Visas required for our Journey?

    Depending on the countries included in your journey, a Visa may be required. If any group member is travelling on a passport other than an Australian or New Zealand, please advise during the planning consultation so that we are able to appropriately include this in the preparations and provide relevant travel advice accordingly. Educational Journeys can also facilitate the lodgement and receipt of relevant travel visas for your group (if required per above) or alternatively this can be completed independently.

    Please refer to the Visa Information section under Teacher Resources for additional information.

  • Are Passports required for our Journey?

    All group members travelling outside of Australia must be in possession of a valid passport with an expiry date of no less than six months after the date the trip concludes.

Booking your journey

  • When is the deposit due?

    We will commence booking arrangements once we are in receipt of the initial total deposit amount. The deposit cut-off date will be arranged with you and your school once the initial enquiry has been received and information shared with the students. This deposit amount is non-refundable.

  • How is payment to be made?

    Each individual Group member will be required to pay a deposit of $700 directly to their school. The final balance will be due 10 weeks prior your departure.

  • Will the Journey price change?

    If the total number of group members changes after the initial deposit has been received, Educational Journeys reserves the right to recalculate your program cost. Please be sure to communicate any changes to us as early as possible to reduce any significant changes in overall cost. All program prices are subject to international exchange rates and airline tax fluctuations.

  • What if a group member cancels?

    Due to our ongoing relationships and arrangements with International Supplier’s, Educational Journeys is bound by their Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately, this means that all deposits are non-refundable, and must be forfeited if a Group member cancels.

    We understand that situations can arise which are out of your control, therefore if a replacement Group member can be assigned to the trip, the deposit can be transferred to this person. You can usually replace group members free of charge up until final payment, after which it can be possible, however fees will be applicable.

  • Does Educational Journeys provide risk assessments for hotels?

    Educational Journeys and our ground operators perform on-site visits and audits at each accommodation establishment that is used in our programs. If required for particular insurance policies we can provide you with detailed risk assessments (including fire safety, general safety and means of escape in extreme circumstances) for accommodation that will be confirmed for your program.

Your journey

  • What happens if a flight is delayed or cancelled?

    In the event that one of your flights is cancelled or delayed, the airline you are travelling with will offer the Group alternative flight options per normal re-booking processes. Educational Journeys will also offer your group contingency support via our 24-hour emergency phone and liaise with our airline and accommodation contacts to ensure minimal disruption to your trip. It is our service commitment to ensure all possible support and remediation is provided when unexpected delays and issues occur.

  • Are there any health, medical and/or vaccination requirements?

    It is expected that all Group members will be in good health at the commencement of any trip. We will also require all Group members to speak with their GP regarding specific vaccinations for your chosen program. We also suggest referring to www.smartraveller.gov.au for any other specific questions regarding vaccinations.

    For those Group members with chronic illnesses, conditions or diseases that require ongoing medication/medical intervention, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the Group member is equipped with the relevant documentation from a medical professional to self-medicate/medicate under supervision and/or travel with certain medications before paying the deposit.

    Educational Journeys recommend advising your program leader of all medication that you will be taking and ask that you include dosage requirements in your medical plan. We recommend packing medications in a zip lock bag and keeping separate from checked luggage. It is important that each medication is in its original container and has its prescription label visible to country authorities so that customs and airport security staff can verify them easily. In some instances, a medication may require a medical professional’s approval prior to travelling. Please ensure you contact your relevant medical professional for more information.

  • How much spending money will we need?

    Educational Journeys always endeavours to design trips that are mostly inclusive, however if the trip does not include all meals (such as lunch and dinner), the Group member will be required to bring discretional monies to cover these additional costs. For a more accurate amount, please contact us.

  • What is the best way to carry money?

    Educational Journeys recommend all Group members carry any additional money in a travel money belt that sits underneath clothing on their person. We also recommend buying a small amount of local currency before departure (this can be done at a money exchange store, your local bank or at the airport) in addition to taking a pre paid currency card.

  • Can parents join students on the journey?

    We understand that on occasion parents or guardians of Group members would like to attend the trip too. On these occasions, Educations Journeys will liaise with the school and refer to their guidelines regarding parent participation.

  • Can students change their return flight and meet with family at the end of the program?

    Educational Journeys understand that on occasion family members may want to meet with a Group member at the end of the trip. Changing flights for the Group member to meet with family is often possible but it is important to note that changing this flight may incur additional fees and charges per the airlines standard terms and conditions and change policies. All change in flights for family meet-ups and follow-on trips are also at the discretion of the Group member’s school approval, which is separate to Educational Journeys responsibilities.

  • What is the luggage allowance?

    All Group members are subject to a strict 20kg luggage limit to ensure we meet safety and security requirements with our coach companies. All excess luggage issues are dealt directly with the airline and excess charges will be applicable and payable by the Group member in possession of that luggage. If additional luggage is required due to special program requirements, this can be requested at the time of enquiry and program quote by Educational Journeys.

  • What should we pack?

    This is dependent on the destination and the time of the year you are travelling. Educational Journeys will provide a recommended packing list 2-3 weeks prior to departure (unless requested earlier) to ensure all Group members are prepared for the destination(s) ahead.

  • Can students bring electronics and valuables on the journey?

    Whilst Educational Journeys always endeavours to provide a safe and secure environment for the Group members, there are situations where the Group members are in public and personal artefacts are on display (e.g. back packs). We recommend limiting the number of valuables each group member brings to avoid it being lost, or in extreme cases, stolen. If a Group member chooses to pack a valuable such as an expensive electronic device, we recommend taking necessary precautions to ensure it is always secure and not taken out on public travel activities. If the device is being kept on their person during flight travel, we suggest ensuring that the appropriate chargers and batteries are kept at the surface of the carry-on luggage for ease of scanning at the security check-points in airports.

  • Can travellers use frequent flyer points?

    Group fares cannot be subsidised by redemption of airline points.

  • What seat-type will we travel in?

    All travel booked through Educational Journeys will be in economy class to ensure the travelling Group are seated together throughout the entirety of the journey.